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Donate Today The mission of The 2nd & 7 Foundation is to promote reading by providing free books and positive role models to kids in need while encouraging young athletes of the community to pay it forward.

The 2nd & 7 Foundation

Across the country, The 2nd & 7 Foundation has donated over 400,000 books to kids in need since it started in 1999. During the 2018-19 school year, over 181 programs were implemented in 23 states, with over 67,000 new books distributed to children in need by positive role models from high schools and universities throughout the country.

We just celebrated our 20th year of encouraging readers and developing leaders in our community. The 2nd & 7 Foundation has grown beyond our wildest dreams! We are so excited for the next 20 years! 
The 2nd and 7 Foundation was started in 1999 by three former Ohio State Buckeye football players—Ryan Miller, Luke Fickell, and Mike Vrabel. Inspired by their involvement in various community outreach programs as student-athletes, they decided to continue to make a difference by promoting literacy and providing positive role models for children in central Ohio.  Over the past 20 years, the program has grown to 180 communities in 26 states. The “Tackling Illiteracy” program encourages student-athletes from universities and high schools across the nation to participate in weekly readings in second-grade classrooms. While in the classrooms, they are reading to the kids, passing out FREE books for the kids to take home and reminding the kids why it is so important to read. The 2nd and 7 Foundation created a book series called the Hog Mollies; each book teaches valuable life lessons. In 2020, we will be releasing the 13th book in the series! 

Student-athletes from universities and high schools across the nation are a huge part of our program. They are out in the schools each week, reading to kids, handing out books, and reminding the 2nd graders why reading is so important. They also use the themes in the Hog Mollies books to reiterate valuable life lessons.

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COVID-19 Adjustments

COVID-19 Adjustments

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been impacted by the spread of COVID-19. We know that our student-athletes and elementary school children truly value their time together, and we miss seeing all of you. Until we can be back in the classrooms, please visit our new website - just for kids - that includes all of our books electronically, activity pages and story time videos with student-athletes and community leaders from all across the country. Our readers and leaders can continue to thrive with 24/7 access to books and positive role models!

Thank you for your commitment to our mission and our reading program, and we look forward to getting back on track soon. We are in this together!

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Tackling Illiteracy
National Programs

Our Tackling Illiteracy program pairs student-athletes with 2nd graders all across the country. Each child reads with these positive role models and gets a new book to take home. We target schools with economically disadvantaged kids and communities where we can make the biggest impact.

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Upcoming Events  

2.7 Day

2.7 Day
  Sunday, February 07, 2021

Jersey Mike's Day of Giving

Jersey Mike's Day of Giving
  Wednesday, March 31, 2021

100% of all sales at the central Ohio Jersey Mike's locations will be donated to The 2nd & 7 Foundation!

Become a Volunteer

The gift of your time is priceless. We are grateful to the many volunteers who support The 2nd & 7 Foundation in various ways throughout the year. Volunteers help with our events such as The Derby, Football Camp and Celebrity 8-Ball Shootout. Also, we participate in many local reading events and festivals that focus on children, reading and our efforts to Tackle Illiteracy. We would love to have you join our team!

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