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2nd & 7

About 2nd & 7

We promote reading by providing free books and positive role models to kids in need while encouraging young athletes of the community to pay it forward.

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We promote reading! 2nd & 7 has donated over 800,000 books to kids in need all across the country since it started in 1999. By engaging thousands of college and high-school student-athlete volunteers across the country, we are inspiring the next generation of readers and leaders.



Our reading program encourages student-athletes from universities and high schools across the nation to participate in weekly readings in second-grade classrooms. While in the classrooms, they are reading to the kids, passing out FREE books for the kids to take home and reminding the kids why it is so important to read.

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2nd & 7 created its own book series featuring a group of friends called the Hog Mollies; each book teaches valuable life lessons. In the fall of 2023, we will distribute our 16th book in that series - The Hog Mollies and the Winter Walk with Wally.

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Student-athletes from universities and high schools across the nation are the heart of our program. They are out in the schools each week, reading to kids, handing out books, and reminding the 2nd graders why reading is so important. They also use the themes in the Hog Mollies books to reiterate valuable life lessons.

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Our focus is to encourage 2nd graders to become readers. Studies have shown that if children are not reading well by the end of 2nd grade, there is trouble ahead. We are committed to getting books in the hands of children who need them the most. For many kids we visit, the book we give them may be the only book they have at home.

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Our student-athlete role models encourage 2nd graders to try their best in school, do their homework, respect their teachers and classmates and READ EVERY NIGHT.

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2nd & 7 was started in 1999 by three former Ohio State Buckeye football players—Ryan Miller, Luke Fickell, and Mike Vrabel. Inspired by their involvement in various community outreach programs as student-athletes, they decided to continue to pay it forward by promoting literacy and providing positive role models for children in central Ohio. That first year, they provided free books to all of the 2nd graders in 7 schools and that is how 2nd & 7 got its name.

Our Team

Our History

2nd & 7 Timeline

Summer 1999

First Football Camp


Fall 1999

Ryan Miller, Mike Vrabel and Luke Fickell read to 2nd graders in 7 schools

June 2003

First Celebrity 8-Ball Shootout


June 2006

2nd & 7 hires first employee (Executive Director, Amy Hoying)


Gene Smith meeting/OSU Dept of Athletic involvement begins


Spring 2008

The Hog Mollies and the Pickle Pie Party - first book in series is published

Spring 2009

Board of Directors established


Spring 2009

The Hog Mollies and the Rocky Relay Race

Fall 2009

Program grows outside of Ohio


Spring 2010

The Hog Mollies and the Zooming Zackle Zoit

Spring 2011

The Hog Mollies and the Amazing Aquatic Adventure



Albuquerque, NM implements first program using high school student-athletes

Spring 2012

The Hog Mollies and the Camp Carmen Campfire


March 2013

First Derby event

Spring 2013

The Hog Mollies and the Great Golden Gizmo


Spring 2014

The Hog Mollies and the Big Birthday Bash

July 2014

First Pay It FOREward Golf Outing


September 2014

2nd & 7 grows staff by adding two new part-time positions

October 2014

Grand opening of first office at 7949 N. High Street


Spring 2015

The Hog Mollies and Sloopy the Silver Snake

January 2016

First strategic planning retreat for Board of Directors


February 2016

First 2.7 Day celebration

Spring 2016

The Hog Mollies and Huddle's Healthy Halo


September 2016

Staff size doubles to 4

Spring 2017

The Hog Mollies and the Dream Discovery Day


October 2017

Development Director position added to the team

Spring 2018

The Hog Mollies and the Mummy's Mystery Maze


Spring 2019

The Hog Mollies and Little Lily's Legacy

Fall 2019

Staff grows by adding North East OH Regional Program Director


Fall 2019

20th Anniversary of providing free books and positive role models to kids in need!

Spring 2020

The Hog Mollies and the Visit with Victoria


Summer 2020

Virtual Football Camp

Fall 2020

Virtual Reading Program established


March 2021

Jersey Mike's Day and Month of Giving Record Breaking: Over $170k raised

June 2021

The Hog Mollies and Troy's Top Troop


December 2021

Anonymous Donor Sparks Possibility of New Book Bank

February 2022

Multi-City Bourbon Tasting Fundraiser with Bardstown Bourbon (Cincy/CLE/Cbus/Nashville)


Spring 2022

Readers & Leaders Annual Scholarship: 1st Winners Announced

June 2022

The Hog Mollies and Ike & Ivy's Ice Cream Shop


August 2022

First Book Bash @ The Bridge/Speeding to Read Car Show Fundraising Event

February 2023

Columbus Kids' Book Bank GRAND OPENING


February 2023

Proclamation: February 7 is officially named '2.7 Day' in city of Columbus

April 2023

Readers & Leaders Scholarships Awarded for 2nd year


April 2023

1st public book giveaway at CKBB (OVER 4,200 books distributed!)

June 2023

The Hog Mollies and the Winter Walk with Wally



Our programs have grown to nearly 200 communities in 26 states since 1999.