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April 2, 2024


Lorain High School in Ohio is having a tremendous impact through their 2nd & 7 reading program. Athletes from several high school teams are stepping up to inspire the young readers at each of the district's four elementary schools. We are proud of the following three athlete volunteers who are experiencing, firsthand, the importance of giving back to children in the community who look up to them. 

Caiden Rosario is a sophmore and member of the wrestling and football teams. He is completing his first year of service as a 2nd & 7 volunteer. Caiden shares, "I love getting the experience to go out and see the smiles and joy on childrens' faces when we get the opportunity to go out and give them an unforgettable experience." 

Luke Wilson is a junior and member of the football, basketball and track teams. He is also completing his first year of service as a 2nd & 7 volunteer. "Seeing the kids' faces when we first walk in and being able to have recess with the kids" is what Luke enjoys most about his volunteer experience. 

Shane Ramey-Rowland is a senior and member of the football and baseball teams. He also serves on the high school marching band. This is Shane's second year as a volunteer with our literacy outreach program and through this experience he enjoys "the ability to influence the younger generation outside of athletics with their education".