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November 17, 2023


Cameron Barker has worked with 2nd & 7 since being a student-athlete at Ashland University, where he graduated in 2019. Since bringing 2nd & 7 programming to the Whitehall district, the memories he has made have influenced not only him but teachers who have participated.

Cameron found out about 2nd & 7 as a football student-athlete who got the opportunity to read to 2nd graders in college. As an education major, he was excited to get the chance to experience students chanting, screaming, and showing gratitude for having a book signed by him.

He currently works at Beechwood Elementary School and worked with the program for 2 school years. Identifying how important reading is and having leadership opportunities for athletes led Cameron to bring 2nd & 7 programming to the Whitehall district.
Since introducing the program, he has seen athletes build relationships with youth, public speaking, and getting acknowledgement for their achievements. While 2nd graders get the ability to understand the importance of grades, the joy of reading, and getting books they get to call their own.

Cameron describes memories of students interacting with past teachers at readings, and having a friendship with 2nd & 7 instead of just a partnership. 2nd & 7 is happy to be able to work with Cameron, having him be a perfect example of everything 2nd & 7 is. "It's more than just a reading program"- Cameron Barker.

Written by Rozae Trotter, a Cristo Rey student interning at 2nd & 7