Researchers concluded that nearly two-thirds of low-income families own no books for their children
Source(s): U.S. Dept of Education

Down & Distance Pledge

Pledge an Amount for the Big Game!

Let's have some fun with the biggest football game of the year on Feb. 4! For every 2nd & 7 during the game, you can pledge a donation to The 2nd & 7 Foundation. Choose an amount below to donate for every 2nd down with 7 yards to go during the Big Game. See if you can catch them all! (Don't worry, we will keep track if you miss any of the action.)

Pledge an Amount for every 2nd & 7 Down and Distance in the Big Game
$2.70 (up to $27)
$27.00 (up to $270)
$270.00 (up to $2700)

To help you with this pledge, the number of times a team is faced with 2nd & 7 as a down and distance in the NFL is commonly between 5 and 10.