6 out of 10 households do not buy a single book in a year
Source(s): National Institute for Literacy, National Center for Adult Literacy, The Literacy Company, U.S. Census Bureau


July 05, 2022

Submitted by Abi Ponzio, 2nd & 7 Intern Summer 2022

Today we are excited to feature one of our most active volunteers, Martha Campbell, in our volunteer spotlight. She heard about the 2nd & 7 from Jim Cordle, a former Buckeye and NFL player, when participating in a literacy fundraiser. He recommended 2nd & 7 because Jim is a friend of 2nd & 7 and has been involved with our outreach and fundraising events for years. Martha started volunteering for 2nd & 7 in August of 2009 by assisting with a fundraiser which led to volunteering at her first football camp in 2010. Upon meeting many of those involved with 2nd & 7, Martha says she “was hooked on helping to tackle illiteracy.”

Martha’s belief in our literacy outreach prompted her to help start our successful literacy outreach program in the Claymont City School District in Dennison, Ohio. In her 13 years of supporting and volunteering for 2nd & 7, Martha has helped with the annual golf outings in Columbus and Northeast Ohio, the annual football camp in Columbus and in prior years, our Celebrity 8-Ball Shootout. Throughout her years with 2nd & 7, she realized the impact volunteers have on children. At football camp a few years back, a camper asked Martha to autograph their football. Martha, shocked, asked why they wanted her autograph and not the football player’s. The camper followed up by saying that Martha was still an important part of the camp. This is one of Martha’s favorite volunteer memories, and she is happy to know she is making a difference.

Martha is a natural leader when it comes to our fundraising events, making sure everything runs smoothly while raising funds in support of the 2nd & 7’s mission. Martha is never afraid to step up and help when the opportunity arises. We are grateful for everything that Martha eagerly does for this foundation. She does everything in her power to support 2nd & 7 and hopes there are others who are willing to serve as well!


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