6 out of 10 households do not buy a single book in a year
Source(s): National Institute for Literacy, National Center for Adult Literacy, The Literacy Company, U.S. Census Bureau


May 09, 2018

Chelsey Zugaro, a sophomore at Kings High School, is our student-athlete of the week. We are proud to have Chelsey in our huddle because of the passion she has for our foundation. She is the one at her high school who took the lead in promoting our successful 2.7 Day activities, as well as, the person who recruits and organizes our program in her community.  In addition, she is a lacrosse enthusiast. Outside of school a majority of her time is spent playing, teaching, and officiating lacrosse. Chelsey has aspirations of pursuing a degree in business after graduation.

She shares, “I am very excited to lead the Kings High School program of the 2nd & 7 Foundation. Reading provides a strong foundation for learning in all subjects. So I love volunteering for this program because I have the opportunity to create positive experiences for young learners in our community.”