6 out of 10 households do not buy a single book in a year
Source(s): National Institute for Literacy, National Center for Adult Literacy, The Literacy Company, U.S. Census Bureau


February 03, 2020

Megan Sichterman is our Student-Athlete of the Week! Megan attends the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and is a member of the Women's Swimming and Diving Program. She is studying Food Science and enjoys cooking, watching football and being outdoors when she is not participating in her sport. Megan has been an SEC Honor Roll Athlete since 2017, is an SEC Championship Finalist and a member of the VOLeaders Academy. Megan aspires to be a flavor chemist after graduating from the University of Tennessee.


Megan enjoys serving as a volunteer with The 2nd & 7 Foundation for many reasons. She shares, "I most enjoy the enthusiasm the kids show towards participating in lessons, taking home the books and learning about collegiate women's athletics. I love investing in the goals they share and striving to make each of their days a little better." 


We admire Megan's commitment to our mission and are grateful to have her in our huddle!