2/3 of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare.
Source(s): National Institute for Literacy, National Center for Adult Literacy, The Literacy Company, U.S. Census Bureau


November 04, 2019

Kyle Ayisi is our Student-Athlete of the Week! Kyle is a senior in high school and is a member of the Pickerington Central Varsity Volleyball team. He is also a member of the high school band and chorale. As the National Honor Society President, Student Council President and a member of the high school peer leadership group titled Sunny Side Up, Kyle is a positive influence to his peers. He has been on the high honor roll since the seventh grade and is described by his teachers as a very conscientious student with a big heart. "Kyle is constantly giving back to others and is a perfect role model for other young men." Through The 2nd & 7 Foundation's outreach, Kyle enjoys being able to connect with second graders and loves to make a difference in his community. 

We are inspired by Kyle's commitment to setting a positive example for others!