Researchers concluded that nearly two-thirds of low-income families own no books for their children
Source(s): U.S. Dept of Education


January 13, 2023

In today's New Program Spotlight, we are proud to feature Syracuse University. While the university is new to our 2nd & 7 huddle, we are excited to see the impact the Syracuse athletes are already having in their community!


The 2nd & 7 program at Syracuse is being organized by the athletic department's Student Athlete Advisory Committee. Through this committee, representatives from the 20 varsity sports and spirit team work together to fulfill their mission to be the voice of student-athletes, dedicated to empower each other, cultivate change, and build the future of orange pride. The SAAC recognizes the importance of community outreach and is committed to fostering a love of reading with elementary students through our partnership.  


Recently, members of the Syracuse Rowing and Cross Country teams visited Dr. King Elementary School. Maddi Segarnick, a member of the Syracuse SAAC Executive Team, shares "the children were so happy and we had a great time volunteering. The Hog Mollies book was such an adorable read and had a great message." It's inspiring to see the athletes that are stepping up to pay it forward through the university's 2nd & 7 outreach. We look forward to watching this program grow!



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