1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read
Source(s): National Institute for Literacy, National Center for Adult Literacy, The Literacy Company, U.S. Census Bureau


December 07, 2021

Having the opportunity to intern at The 2nd and 7 Foundation has been such an amazing and rewarding experience. I love being around kids and I grew up playing sports year-round, so when I heard about this organization I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in. On top of that, as a sociology major with a minor in child abuse, a great deal of what I learn in school is about inequality and how it can impact things such as education, so it was great to be apart of a foundation that is so committed and passionate about changing the disparities in education in this country. 

As someone who is about to graduate and enter the workforce, interning at 2nd and 7 has been very eye opening in regards to what path I want to take for my career. Part of the reason this foundation has been able to grow and help as many people as it has is because of the devotion and dedication that everyone that works at 2nd and 7 has for giving kids the opportunities that they deserve. Whether it’s the energy and excitement they have at the readings or the time they spend trying to find new ways to expand and engage with different communities, everything they do is fueled by their passion to make a difference. They’ve shown me how important it is to love what you do and the impact you can have on people when you are truly committed to a cause. 

The thing I will definitely miss the most about my time with 2nd and 7 is going to schools and attending the readings. Seeing the kids engage with the athletes and get excited about reading with them was really incredible to experience and just showed how important their work is to communities all over the country. The 2nd and 7 Foundation is so much more than just promoting literacy; they inspire kids to be healthy, respectful, compassionate people and motivate them to invest in their education and follow their dreams. This is why even after my time working for this organization comes to an end I will continue to stay involved and support their mission. 

Amanda Orsborne 

Undergraduate Student, The Ohio State University 

Bachelor of Arts Candidate 

The 2nd & 7 Foundation Professional Writing Intern, Fall 2021