6 out of 10 households do not buy a single book in a year
Source(s): National Institute for Literacy, National Center for Adult Literacy, The Literacy Company, U.S. Census Bureau

2nd & 7 Pairs Athlete Role Models with Second Graders to Prioritize Reading

August 23, 2022


Football teams often have their Hog Mollie players as a way to advance on the field. The 2nd & 7 Foundation allows children to push forward to their futures with Hog Mollies, too. When our partner 2nd & 7 began publishing in 2007, they started with their Hog Mollies book series—now available on BookSmart. What began as a term for offensive linemen soon became a collection of stories with meaningful messages for every child.

The Ohio-based foundation encourages second graders to read by providing free books to schools in low-income areas. They also pair students with athlete role models who want to make a positive impact,  Executive Director Amy Hoying said. 2nd & 7 has grown to 200 programs in 26 states and has given away nearly 750,000 free books to kids since 2009.

-- Written by Jamie O'Toole, Intern, Worldreader