Almost 50% of Ohio's children live under the poverty level and receive free and/or reduced lunches.
Source(s): National Institute for Literacy, National Center for Adult Literacy, The Literacy Company, U.S. Census Bureau


  • Summer 1999
    First Football Camp
  • Fall 1999
    Ryan, Mike and Luke read to 2nd graders in 7 schools
  • June 2003
    First Celebrity 8-Ball Shootout
  • June 2006
    2nd & 7 hires first employee (Executive Director, Amy Hoying)
  • 2006
    Gene Smith meeting/OSU Dept of Athletic involvement begins
  • Spring 2008
    The Hog Mollies and the Pickle Pie Party - first book in series is published
  • Spring 2009
    Board of Directors established
  • Spring 2009
    The Hog Mollies and the Rocky Relay Race
  • Fall 2009
    Program grows outside of Ohio
  • Spring 2010
    The Hog Mollies and the Zooming Zackle Zoit
  • Spring 2011
    The Hog Mollies and the Amazing Aquatic Adventure
  • 2011
    Albuquerque, NM implements program using high school student-athletes for the first time
  • Spring 2012
    The Hog Mollies and the Camp Carmen Campfire
  • March 2013
    First Derby event
  • Spring 2013
    The Hog Mollies and the Great Golden Gizmo
  • Spring 2014
    The Hog Mollies and the Big Birthday Bash
  • July 2014
    First Pay It FOREward Golf Outing
  • September 2014
    2nd & 7 grows staff by adding two new part-time positions
  • October 2014
    Grand opening of first office at 7949 N. High Street
  • Spring 2015
    The Hog Mollies and Sloopy the Silver Snake
  • January 2016
    First strategic planning retreat for Board of Directors
  • February 2016
    First 2.7 Day celebration
  • Spring 2016
    The Hog Mollies and Huddle's Healthy Halo
  • September 2016
    Staff grows to 2 full-time and 2 part-time positions
  • Spring 2017
    The Hog Mollies and the Dream Discovery Day
  • October 2017
    Development Director position added to the team
  • Spring 2018
    The Hog Mollies and the Mummy's Mystery Maze
  • Fall 2019
    20th Anniversary of providing free books and positive role models to kids in need!
  • Spring 2019
    The Hog Mollies and Little Lily's Legacy
  • Fall 2019
    Staff grows by adding North East OH Regional Program Director
  • Spring 2020
    The Hog Mollies and the Visit with Victoria
  • Summer 2020
    Virtual Football Camp
  • Fall 2020
    Virtual Reading Program established
  • Spring 2021
    The Hog Mollies and Troy's Top Troop